Zoya Matte Velvet Collection – Winter 2015

Hi guys!

Today I have yet another Zoya collection to share with you! Zoya recently released their Winter 2015 Collection, Matte Velvets, which contains 6 gorgeous velvety shades. And I am so excited to share them with you!

Here they all are! From left to right we have – Honor, Yves, Amal, Aspen, Sue, and Iris!

Zoya Matte Velvet Collection - Winter 2015

Now on to the individual swatches! My ring finger features all polishes from this collection.

Up first is Honor, a mesmerizing emerald green with pearl fleck. She only needs two coats and dries to a gorgeous matte finish!

Honor - Zoya Matte Velvet Collection

Yves is next, and she is a stunning sapphire. She is very unique, falling between indigo and royal blue, and let’s not forget the blue pearl fleck! Just like Honor, Yves is opaque with just two coats!

Yves - Zoya Matte Velvet Collection

The third polish I am sharing is Amal. She is a bright crimson red with a radiant ruby pearl fleck. Can she get any better? She can! Just like the previous two polishes she only needs two coats!

Amal - Zoya Matte Velvet Collection

Up next is Aspen, a sparkling arctic white. She is as bright as newly fallen snow, and has a diamond pearl fleck. Aspen requires three coats, but she is well worth it!

Aspen - Zoya Matte Velvet Collection

Sue is next. She is a splendid soft champagne gold, with a multi-hued (That’s right! Not just one, or two, but multiple hues) oyster pearl fleck. This combination adds depth to the color, making Sue a stunner! Three coats are recommended to achieve opacity.

Sue - Zoya Matte Velvet Collection

The final polish from this collection is Iris! She is a deep amethyst with a fuchsia pearl fleck. I love this color so much! I have a hard time wearing deep purples, but with the combination of matte and pearl flecks this polish is super wearable, even on lighter skin! While not necessary, I recommend three coats of Iris to receive maximum color payoff.

Iris - Zoya Matte Velvet Collection

So there you have it! All six polishes from the amazing Matte Velvet collection! As you may know, I love matte polish. I always have a spare matte top coat so that I never run out. But one issue I run into is the matte can dull down the sparkle. However, that is not a problem in this collection. These polishes are specially formulated to maintain their sparkle, even with the matte finish. I love these colors so much, and the variety in this collection is amazing. Way to go Zoya!

What do you think? Which color is your favorite? Let me know below!

-Posh Polish

Disclaimer: The products in this post were provided in exchange for my honest review. All thoughts are my own.

And here they are all together! Perfect for sharing on Pinterest, Instagram, Twitter, or Facebook!

- Zoya Matte Velvet Collection - Winter 2015




Zoya Flair Collection – Fall 2015

Hi guys!

As promised, today I am sharing the second of two fall collections by Zoya! The Flair Collection has 6 liquid metal shades that are gorgeous! But don’t take my word for it, see for yourself! From left to right we have Tris, Aggie, Ember, Giada, Estelle, and Cinnamon!


Now on to the individual swatches! My ring finger features all colors from this collection, the base is Genesis from their Island Fun collection.

First is Tris! She is a gorgeous brushed nickel metallic polish. I love that she is slightly blackened, as it sets her apart from other silvers!


Aggie is up next. She is a stunning gold holo-flip, with bronze micro glitter. What I love is that, because of the holo, she appears different depending on the lighting and angle! She is absolutely stunning!


The third polish is Ember, a fiery red. Her name suits her perfectly. She has just a hint of blue, making her suitable for any skin tone!


Next is Giada! She is a purple liquid metal, and if you look closely you can see the hint of fuchsia pearl. I love the subtle metallic look this polish has!

Estelle is up next, a blackened blue metallic that will make swoon. She is just gorgeous, and the perfect color to transition from summer into fall and winter.


The last polish in Flair is Cinnamon. She is a beautiful classic bronze. Like Desiree, I was not originally drawn to her, but after one coat I was in love!


There you have it! All six beautiful shades from Zoya’s Flair Collection, all of which only needed two coats! That is very impressive!

Which collection was your favorite, Focus or Flair? Which polishes are your favorite from these two collections? I would love to know, so leave a comment below!

-Posh Polish

Disclaimer: The products in this post were provided in exchange for my honest review. All thoughts are my own.


And here they are all together! Perfect for sharing on Pinterest, Instagram, Twitter, or Facebook!

Zoya Flair Collection - Fall 2015

Zoya Focus Collection – Fall 2015

Hi Guys!

I realize I have fallen out of my posting routine, for which I apologize! But I am back now, and I have three new Zoya Collections to share with you this week! Today I have one of their Fall Collections, Focus! I will be sharing the other Fall Collection, Flair, and their Winter Collection, Matte Velvet, later this week! Let’s get started with Zoya’s Focus Collection!

Here they are! From left to right we have Charli, Janel, Hannah, Lidia, Sia, and Desiree! Which one catches your eye?
Zoya Fall 2015 Focus Collection

Now on to individual swatches! My ring finger features all colors from this collection, the base is Aspen from the Matte Velvet collection, which you will see later on this week.

Up first is Charli! She is a gorgeous taupe cream with the perfect hint of green. I absolutely love this polish. I normally would not pick out a hunter green polish, but this polish definitely blew me away!


Next up is Janel! She is a deep red with a warm undertone. I love red polishes in general, but especially this one! Some reds can be very bright and very attention grabbing. This one is not too “in your face”, but you still get the classic red feel, and I love that!


Hannah is the next in the collection, isn’t she gorgeous? She is another red, but has a neutral undertone, which means she will be flattering on any skin tone. Do you have trouble finding the right red? Try Hannah!


Up next is Lidia! She is a beautiful eggplant purple with a blackened base. But did you catch the hint of red? This combination results in a color suitable for almost every skin tone! I am a sucker for a pretty purple, and Lidia is no exception!


This next polish comes with a warning. Sia is so pigmented that a base coat is highly recommended! I personally love this warning, because you know you are getting a beautiful color. Sia is a gorgeous royal blue, she is absolutely worth the extra step!

Now we have the sixth and final polish from the Focus Collection, Desiree! She is a classic brown with a hint of grey making it slightly cooler in tone. Normally browns are not high on my list of favorites, but I had to make an exception for Desiree! I can already see her being a staple in my collection!


So there you have it! Each color only required two coats, which I love! And I am very impressed with Zoya, they have really widened my color choices. Remember Jace from their Island Fun collection? I never wore green polish before trying Jace! Now she is a staple in my designs and my collection! And Zoya has done it again with Charli and Desiree! I can’t wait for them to make me fall in love with more polishes!

Which color is your favorite? Tell me below!

-Posh Polish

Disclaimer: The products in this post were provided in exchange for my honest review. All thoughts are my own.


And here they are all together! Perfect for sharing on Pinterest, Instagram, Twitter, or Facebook!


Zoya Fall 2015 Focus Collection

Simple Flowery Tip Nail Design

Hi guys!

Today I have something a lot simpler than my last post, but just as fun! So I decided on a simple flowery tip nail design. I wanted something simple, I have actually shared this design before with a slight difference. You can see it here. I wanted to try this design again, this time with flowers at the tips, and change the color scheme. Here it is!

Simple Flowery TipI used four Zoya polishes for this design, Genesis, Wednesday, Cecilia, and Selene! I chose the latter three colors because I love how they look together. They are different enough to stand out, but they are in the same color family meaning they work great together! I used Genesis to add the center to the flowers 🙂

I finished this design up by adding NYC Matte Me Crazy over top to mattify my nails.

This design is very easy to recreate, all you need are dotting tools!

What do you guys think? Do you think these colors work well together? Do you prefer this design or my previous attempt? Let me know below!

– Posh Polish

The Phantom of the Opera Nails

Hi guys! I am very excited to share this design with you! I created a design based on one of my favorite movies, The Phantom of the Opera! I absolutely love this movie, and I had so much fun putting together a design inspired by it! Here it is!

Phantom of the Opera inspired nail art

I *attempted* to paint the chandelier, the famous mask, the rose, and the candle. I chose to paint these because when I think of Phantom of the Opera, these are the four things that come to mind!

I am actually quite happy with how they all turned out, even though my mask kind of looks a little wonky. I didn’t want to attempt painting shadows on the mask to give it definition because I didn’t want to mess up what I already thought looked good! Next time I will try and add some definition to the mask 🙂

And the rose is a bit different from what I am used to painting, but I think it came out well! I painted the outline of the rose with white and filled it in, and then I added the color. That way the colors would be more vibrant. then After practicing it a few times I think I will get the hang of it and it will turn out better, but for a first time I like it.

Polishes used:

Zoya – Piaf, Genesis, Demetria, and Jace

Sally Hansen – Lemon Shark

The White, Black, Gold, and Grey are bolivian polishes

Essie – All in one base and No Chips Ahead Top Coat

What do you all think? Which nail is your favorite?

– Posh Polish

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Press Release : Zoya Focus and Flair Fall 2015 Collections!

From Runway to Real Life!
Two exciting new Zoya Nail Polish collections arrive for FALL 2015

ZPSAMPLER1505_Focus_fall2015__400.2__FOCUS (creams)

The Zoya Focus Collection features six strong, solid shades that anchor a look for fall as stand-alone shades. The densely pigmented cream formula features a unique, micro-grind pigment that allows for extra-smooth, streak-free application.

  • Charli (ZP807) – a dusty taupe cream with a hint of green, a perfect neutral.
  • Desiree (ZP806) – a classic sable brown cream that has just enough gray to keep it cool in tone.
  • Hannah (ZP805) – a clear, classic red cream with a balanced (neutral) undertone.
  • Janel (ZP804) – a deep red cream with a rich warm undertone.
  • Lidia (ZP803) – a rich eggplant cream with a blackened purple base and just a hint of red resulting in a color that is wearable for most skin tones.
  • Sia (ZP802) – a true, royal blue cream. NOTE: This is a highly pigmented shade -make sure to apply a base coat to prevent staining.ZPSAMPLER1506_Flair_fall2015__400.2__

FLAIR (metallics)

Six, jewel toned liquid metal shades. The unique, micro-grind metallic pigment of the Zoya Flair Collection is fully blended into a vibrant base, creating the effect of brilliant colored melted metal!

  • Tris (ZP813) – a blackened, brushed nickel liquid metal.
  • Cinnamon (ZP812) – a classic bronze liquid metal, originally designed for Zang Toi NYFW F/W15.
  • Aggie (ZP811) – a gold holo-flip, liquid metal with bronze micro glitter. Sheer enough for layering with one coat or fully opaque in three coats!
  • Ember (ZP810) – a deep, fiery red liquid metal with enough blue to be wearable for all skin tones.
  • Giada (ZP809) – a purple liquid metal with a hint of fuchsia pearl.
  • Estelle (ZP808) – a blue on blue liquid metal with a blackened base.


    $9 (US), Available in top salons, spas and on zoya.com

* **BIG
5FREE, TOXIN FREE: Zoya Nail Polish Formula contains no formaldehyde, formaldehyde resin, dibutyl phthalate, toluene or camphor.


Which is your favorite? I am loving Charli and Aggie!

– Posh Polish

Thorns and Roses

Hi guys!

I apologize for my brief hiatus. I tried a few designs last week, but I felt they didn’t turn out well enough to share on here. I have been in a bit of a funk nail wise, but I think I was able to pull myself out with today’s design! I tried something a bit different today, and I am so excited to show you guys! Here it is!

IMG_0113I feel like this design was the perfect one to pull me out of my slump! As you may know, I love painting roses. I have always painted them with simple leaves, and today I wanted to try something a little different. I decided to paint the roses with a full stem/vine, including thorns. I think this design represents how I have been feeling about my designs perfectly! When you look at a rose, you don’t say it’s flawed because of a few thorns, you appreciate the beauty of the flower as a whole. I have learned that there will always be a flaw, or a thorn, in my designs, but I need to keep moving forward to the end, or until I see the beautiful rose. Is that too cheesy? Oh well 🙂

Polishes used:

Zoya- Jace, Vespa, Nana, Genesis, and Arabella

Nails Inc – Porchester Square

NYC- Matte Me Crazy Top Coat

What do you guys think?

-Posh Polish

Vintage Flowery Design

Hi guys!

Today I have a new(ish) design to share with you! I have done designs similar, but this one includes some new techniques and overall a different look than anything I have done before.

I painted a base of Hollywood Hills by CULT, but I wasn’t sure what design I was going to do. Did I want to do something I have already done? Or did I want to try something new? Then it hit me! I could use Jace by Zoya to create leaves, and then add some surrounding flowers!

Here is what I came up with!
Vintage Flowery NailsThe flowers are Los Feliz by CULT and So Much Fawn by Sally Hansen. I chose these colors because I felt they worked well together, that they didn’t overpower each other or blend in.
What do you guys think?

-Posh Polish

Flowers and Studs

Hi guys!

So I finally got around to painting my nails again! Since I have been sick, my world has been a bit bland, so I decided to do a bright and cheery design! I also decided to use some of my studs that have been collecting dust. I don’t usually use them, hence the dust, but I decided to give them another try 🙂

Here is my mani! I chose to create different types of flowers instead of just one to add a bit of variety to the design.
Flowers and Studs
Polishes used:
By Loreal

Wispy Clouds
Hint of Lavender
Sweet Nectar
and Spring Showers

and Invincible by Formula X

And the studs are from Born Pretty Store 🙂

What do you guys think? I am still iffy about the studs, not sure if they are working with this design.

– Posh Polish

Incan Ruin Inspired Nails

Hi guys!

Today I created a design inspired by a recent trip to Inca Llajta, the largest Inca ruin in Bolivia. This Incan City served as the most eastern fortress of the Incan Empire. I was taking pictures the whole trip, but I didn’t get a head on shot of the Temple wall, which my mani is inspired by. Instead I used a photo I shot from a side view and my memory of the wall to create a design from a head on view. I will share the photo after my mani 🙂


I used a wide combination of colors to create the wall. I can’t remember exactly what I used, I know a brown, yellow, and white were involved, but I did a lot of experimenting to get the colors right so I don’t know the specifics. The sky is Wispy Clouds by Loreal, and the clouds are Genesis by Zoya. The grass is Jace, also by Zoya.

What do you guys think? Did I do the ruins justice?

– Posh Polish

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